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Thanks to my writer buddy SolHom who provided a very interesting prompt today. I’ve never done this before, but it seemed pretty simple. At least as far as I could discern. The rules as I understood them were to set a timer for 10 minutes, then incorporate each of the three items on the prompt into the work. Here was the prompt for today:

And here is my result after ten minutes (unedited):


I felt normal until the life began oozing out of me at an alarming rate. I glance to my left. A box half full of rocks sits on the dirt ground. I have no one else to blame; it was my choices that led me here, no one else. The sun burns my face, the wind dries my throat. Above me stands a dark silhouette, huffing and puffing as if he had just finished running a race.

Floyd. Son of a bitch.

I should have known I couldn’t trust him. He’d been too easygoing about the whole thing, too willing to jump on board and ride shotgun. I should have chosen my friends better. No, I should have chosen my enemies better.

My throat hitches as I try to curse his name.

“What’s wrong Ethan? Cat got your tongue?” He laughs and it sounds like a brain-damaged frog hiccuping. I want to reach up and rip that tongue from his mouth but my arms are restrained, not that I’d have the energy to lift them anyway. I am dying, and it is taking an absurdly long time.

“Bet you wish you’d checked the back of the truck now, huh? Them rocks is heavy.” Sandpaper. His voice is sandpaper against my ears and I just want it to be over so I don’t have to listen to his stupid voice anymore. I close my eyes, hoping my brain will take the cue and finally shut down so we can get on with it already, but my body clings to life, intent on prolonging this torture as long as possible.


Big thanks to SolHom for the prompt, that was fun!

One thought on “Writing Prompt Results”

  1. Terrific!! My favorite line is “I am dying, and it is taking an absurdly long time.” That is a freaking awesome sentence.

    PS – I’m super impressed that you got all three in there. For the future, you can you all, some or none of the prompt in your writing. It’s all about creating words that didn’t exist before you started the timer. 😉

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