The Last Door on the Left

Mike Temple has always been a liar. And for most of his life it’s been the one thing that’s kept him out of trouble. Until he runs into a fellow psychic-turned-serial-killer who threatens to spill all of Mike’s secrets to those he cares about.

Being a high school teacher isn’t an easy job, but when Mike’s normally attentive student Aiden begins acting strange and disconnected, teaching becomes the least of his worries. Mike discovers Aiden’s mother is dying of cancer, and fast. And the nurse caring for her inadvertently unlocks Mike’s ability to hear the voices of the dead, something he thought he’d rid himself of long ago. To make things worse, Aiden suspects the nurse—Elizabeth Black—is actually killing his mother.

Concerned Nurse Black threatens to reveal his ability and the steps he took to rid himself of it, Mike tries to cut all contact with her. But it turns out Black is killing her patients, and because of their psychic link, each victim weakens Mike, bringing his own death closer. Now Mike must work with Aiden not only to keep Black from killing again, but also to secure the secrets he’s spent his entire life protecting.

I am currently seeking representation on THE LAST DOOR ON THE LEFT.