About Eric Warren

Writing has always been a big part of my life, from my first scribblings of short science fiction stories in elementary school, to my attempt to write a sequel to Jurassic Park when I was twelve. Though I majored in Business Management and Psychology at Virginia Tech, I have always had a passion for writing fiction. I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comic Books and have what some people would call more than a passing interest in transformable robot action figures.

My professional writing journey began after an especially poignant episode of Ancient Aliens in which a question was posited that I can no longer remember, but inspired the basic idea of my first novel, FORECAST. After years of toiling, revising and learning, I now have four novels under my belt and am prepping my fifth.

I am also one of the Co-Organizers of Charlotte Writers Group, a local support system where authors of all backgrounds gather to read and critique each others’ works.

Having lived in both Virginia and California in the past, I currently reside in Charlotte, NC with my very supportive wife and two small pugs.