Hopeless romantic and all-around geek Reginald Listing is perpetually unlucky with women, until he discovers a mysterious book that predicts every event of his life in perfect detail. When Reg reads ahead, he discovers he is destined to fall in love with a brilliant scientist named Lucy, only to learn she will soon be murdered. After an anxious Reg screws up their first meeting, Lucy wants nothing to do with him and thinks he’s crazy. Now Reg is deep in a quest to keep his would-be soulmate alive. And as Lucy’s death ticks closer, Reg realizes that she might not be the only one in danger, and her fate could be tied to that of the future itself.


FORECAST is a soft science-fiction novel centered on unpredictability around those we love and told through characters in both the present and future, desperate to control the chaotic world around them. It will appeal to fans of Time Salvager and The Fold.

I am currently seeking representation on FORECAST.