Ten years ago twelve-year-old Jem Powers and his little brother Scott watch as their new neighbor moves in down the street. Something isn’t quite right about Mr. Worthington, and they are determined to figure out what. But when they discover he’s been keeping a close eye on them as well, things get really weird. He transforms them into something else, something…superhuman. Though it will be up to them to decide how they will use their new-found gifts.

empoweredAs Jem struggles to deal with what some would call superpowers, he learns they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. And when his new friend Alice finds out what he can do, she pushes him farther than he’s ever gone before. But Jem can’t control his abilities and when Alice is hurt, he decides running away is his best option. On the run for years, Jem is reluctantly drawn into a criminal underworld in the search for a cure to his accursed powers. Little does he know he is being drawn into the den of a man searching for people just like Jem, in a sinister effort to gather those with abilities around him. He must figure out how to keep this man from finding his brother, while at the same time maintaining what little control he has over his abilities.

EMPOWERED is an adult soft science-fiction novel centered on a young man growing up with powers he has no clue how to handle, and the effect they have on those around him. It will appeal to readers who liked the character-driven story of The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes.

I am currently revising EMPOWERED.